Bob Taylor's encounter with the mysterious spheres in Dechmont, Livingston, is one of the most written about cases of a close encounter in UK history.

On the 9th of November 1979 at 10am Bob Taylor aged 61 a Forester from Livingston working for the Livingston Development Corporation left his house. He headed towards Dechmont law with his dog Lara, to look for stray cows and sheep which was part of his job.

He parked his truck to the bottom of Dechmont Law and headed with his dog the rest of the way along a dirt track on the lower slop of Dechmont towards a clearing surround by trees.
On finding the clearing he was surprised with what he saw. In the clearing, in front of him, was a large, circular, roundish object about 20 ft across and 12 feet high, resting on the ground or hovering just above the ground. It seemed to be made from a dark grey metallic material with a rough texture like sandpaper, parts of which were becoming like half transparent at times, letting the trees behind it be seen, as if the object was trying to cloak itself. A narrow protruding rim ran around the circumference of the object, just below halfway down, and Taylor thought it reminded him of the brim of a hat.

As Bob and his dog stood and starred in disbelief at the object, two smaller spheres moved towards him and flanked him, each rolling at the same time to his left and right foot. As his dog barked furiously, the spikes attached to the Bob's trousers and pulled him towards the larger sphere. Bob heard a distinct hissing sound and smelled an acrid smell that caused him to choke.
He then lost consciousness and collapsed on the round.  Taylor regained consciousness after a while. He was lying face   down on the grass, his trousers were torn, he   suffered a headache and his legs were aching.   He had a sore throat and a strange bitter taste in   his mouth.

  He realized that he could not stand up or speak. It   was later estimated that he had blackened out for   fifteen or twenty minutes. The unidentified object   had disappeared, but his dog was running about   barking wildly and he noticed that there were   marks in the ground where the object had been.

  Feeling weak and dizzy, and unable to get on his   feet, he dragged himself to his truck and tried   calling for help on his 2 way radio but couldn't   speak. So he started to drive away. But he was  such in bad condition that at one point he drove  into a ditch.
The truck then became stuck in mud, so he had to walk more than a mile, stumbling and falling, to reach his home in near Dechmont Woods.
Upon reaching home at 11:30 a.m., Mary Taylor his wife, expressed concern at his state. She assumed he had been attacked and called the police. Taylor intervened and requested she contacted Malcolm Drummond, a supervisor at Livingston Development Corporation. While awaiting Drummond's arrival, Taylor complained of a headache and kept saying that he had been "gassed". Drummond and Taylor both attended the scene of the incident a short while later the same day and discovered strange indentations in the forest floor which Taylor stated had not been there earlier that morning. One set were described as looking like ladders, the other indentations which numbered forty in total were suspected to be the tracks left by the smaller objects.
Taylor was seen by a doctor who found only grazing to his chin and thighs. Due to his injuries the police recorded the matter as a common assault. Taylor's wife noticed tears in his trousers where Taylor claimed the small objects had attached themselves to him. The police later seized the trousers to be forensically examined. The forensic examination determined the tears in the trousers suggested the implements that had pierced the material, attempted to lift Taylor in an upwards fashion.
An investigation into the incident checked all the forestry equipment used in the area; none of it had tracks that matched. No evidence was found of any helicopter traffic in the region that particular day, or even the day before.
A search of the area around the clearing was made in order to see if there were signs of any mobile crane that might have been used to lower something into the ground, but nothing was found.
The marks indicated an object of several tons had stood there but no information has been gained to explain them.
The detective sergeant in charge of the case did not believe in space visitors. Mr Taylor's boss at the Forestry Department did not believe either, and thought it was probably some secret device being tested by the government. UFO debunkers thought Mr Taylor might have seen a magnified image of Venus distorted by the earth's atmosphere, which had made him fall down in an epileptic fit. The press came; and by the time the story reached Edinburgh, it was “small furry creatures” that had poured from the spacecraft to attack him. “I know what I saw,” said Mr Taylor. So doughtily and drily did he stick to his tale that the police opened a criminal investigation for assault, the only one in Britain to arise from a UFO “sighting”. It case still remains open.

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