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Minx nails

I do stock a wide range of minx but please go to www.minx.com to view the full gallery.   If a specific design is required please contact me in advance so I can make sure I have it for your treatment.

Includes shaping the nails, tidying the nail cuticles, moisturising the hands and nails, massaging the hands and finishing with either buffing the nails or the application of nail enamel.

A soothing and relaxing treatment which refreshes hot, tired and swollen feet.
Includes a refreshing foot soak, clipping & filing the toenails, removal of hard skin from balls of feet and/or heels, foot & leg massage and finishing with the application of nail enamel (if required).

Regular Manicures & Pedicures ensure the improved condition and appearance of the hands, feet and nails.

Deluxe Manicure/Pedicure
As above but with the addition of a Paraffin Wax treatment and heated boots and/or mitts.  To soften hands &/or feet and soothe aches & pains.

Shellac Gel Overlay

A Gel overlay in a choice of colours with an incomparable high-gloss shine and long lasting wear.  A fresh from the salon look that lasts up to 14 days.

Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay

Bio Sculpture offers a permanent nail colour that lasts for weeks without wearing or chipping.  Bio Sculpture Gel makes nails beautiful, flexible and strong. A superior product that will not damage the natural nails. 

Clear Gel, Colour Gel or French Gel is applied onto a prepared natural nail and cured under a UVA light. It will leave a shiny, flexible, durable protection and give a neat, well groomed appearance.
After approx 3 weeks your nail would have grown leaving an area at the back of the nail which needs to be infilled. At this point you can also choose to change the colour.

Backscratchers Nail Extensions - Extreme Powder Glaze
- A unique combination of Resin & Acrylic Technology

Backscratchers are one of the most versatile, comfortable and natural looking nail systems, designed to create beautiful, thin, natural looking nails whilst encouraging the natural nail to grow strong and health. They use no drills in their application and all products do not contain MMA.  A unique glaze is used with a catalyst spray to make the finish non-porous and long lasting.

Backscratchers nails can be removed fast and easily. They are soaked in an acetone solution until the glaze dissolves, this is then wiped away leaving the natural nail intact. Although extremely strong, Backscratchers nails are flexible and withstand normal pressure without breaking. However they can break or tear if subject to unusual pressure and it is important that they do - otherwise your natural nail bed could be damaged!

PPerm & Tint Lashes d you want your lashes permed and tinted?

·         24 HOUR BEAUTY 

·         Last up to 3 months (lashes shed and replenich every 3 months)

·         Enhance your appearance, look more wide awake and alert

·         No need for eyelash curlers.  If you are always curling your lashes, you will love this beauty treatment

·         Eliminates make up problems, such as allergic reactions to make up

·         No smears, smudges or running….Always perfect

·         Lashes appear longer & fuller

·         Great for the active individual

·         Curly even when wet 

Hollywood Lashes

Launched into the UK in 2005 and using only the finest quality products Hollywood Lashes last up to 90 days (as lashes shed and replenish every 90 days). 

Hollywood Lashes have lashes that will suit each individual customer including various curls, thicknesses and lengths and the eyelash adhesive and de bonder are the safest products in the World.

Regular maintenance required.

Sparkling SWAROVSKI crystals for your teeth. Applied to the tooth in minutes without drilling or pain. It will not harm the tooth and can last for up to one year. Smile Gems are safe and are popular with all ages. Many colours and styles available. Smile Gems will enhance your smile.

 Sienna X Spray tan
Treatment Time: 20mins

 Fake Bake Sunless Tan
Treatment time: 45mins
 A relaxing, refreshing treatment, which includes a full body exfoliation and moisturise, with the bonus of a fantastic, natural looking,
safe tan.  Once exfoliated and moisturised, tan is applied.  The guide colour can be showered off 6-8 hours later (overnight if possible) and if looked after correctly may last in excess of 5 days. 

Benefits include;
- Look great

- Feel great 

- Relaxation

Includes **cleansing, toner, fruit/clay mask, finishing with moisturiser and a soothing face massage.
You will feel pampered, relaxed, refreshed and your skin will feel softer, cleaner and look brighter.

Benefits may include;

- Removal of dead skin cells 

- Clean pores & help prevent acne

- Maintain healthy skin 

- Rehydrate and brighten complexion

- Balance & improve the texture, general health & appearance of the skin

**Products and mask - used will depend on your skin type and your aims from the treatment.

I use Warm wax in all the temporary hair removal treatments I offer.  This will need to be repeated every 4-6 weeks, depending on the individuals hair growth.