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Old Bus Station

Have you got an old photos to upload and share with everyone? or anything else related to livingston...

Post » 25 Oct 2008, 14:50

Nice shots - I take it in the second image, this is before the Stances were put in? (Basically kerbed areas with barrier and a sign (which also had the routes and calling points of buses for each stance like the 199 and 201 etc)....

The current bus facility in Livingston is nothing short of a scandal, and does nothing to encourage people to use the bus.

Another forgotten facility was parcels. You could phone (no 'net then!) a company in Glasgow for instance, and for the price of a bus ticket, your item would be put on the next service to Livingston, and you collected it from the office in the bussy. Superb.
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    As much as I liked the old bus station I think the current facility is far better. Its light and airy, the old bus station stunk, and always had a hideous combination of piss and bus fumes, whereas the modern facility is out in the open. Its more convenient for shoppers as it is inbetween the two centres, and its also more convenient for the buses as they can come in and out very quickly, and keep going in the same direction, none of this reversing nonsense, which I remember causing a fair few collisions.

    Thanks for the pictures, nice to see some.
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    Post » 25 Oct 2008, 21:06

    Na Livi Crazy, have to totally disagree m8 :shock: I have worked for SMT/ First and believe me the bus station was far better. The problem was that Eastern Scottish/ SMT/ First (in its very latter days) let the bus station go to ruin.

    You also have to remember how radically things have changed in the last 10 years alone! In the Bus Stations hay day everything in Livingston was shut by 6.30/ 7pm and there was not a lot for kids to do at night and the bus station was an easy place for kids and tramps etc to congregate. CCTV systems weren’t around (in the capacity) in they days like they are now and also the ones that were, were of poor quality compared to the CCTV systems we have now.

    The current layout I personally feel is badly laid out and if anything it’s a greater danger to the public due to its through road layout. I echo my own words when I say that it’s not very passenger friendly, yes it’s bright and airy but only on a good summer day when were blessed with sunshine. The other 364 days of the year tend to be overcast, dull or rainy. At least with the old bus station you could use the toilet and not have to walk miles to find one and also during the day you could sit having a cuppa in the café while waiting for your bus to arrive, something you can’t do nowadays.

    With regards to bumps in the old bus station, I witnessed some accidents and in every single case this was caused by driver error and had absolutely nothing to do with the layout. Reversing buses always had priority!

    Finally with regards to the black and white photo. I think this would have been taken opposite the pits area as I’m sure the stances were already in place for the bus station being opened.
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  • Post » 26 Oct 2008, 09:12

    hi guys
    I think one of the main reasons the new bus terminal is rubbish is the fact of the zebra crossing. The area between the 2 centres is far to busy and ive seen buses waiting for ages to get through.
    In an ideal world... They should have some sort of bridge connecting the 2 centres and also have the areas where you stand fully inclosed.
    What you think?
    They really need to sit down and think of a better solution. As the current one isnt working to well!
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    As a regular bus traveller (4 or 5 times a week using both sides) I personally prefer the current layout, I much prefer being outside, there is the shopping centres with toilets, depending on time you can go into the centre for something to eat or drink. Its also far better now they have got rid of the unused stance H, and increased the lengths of Stances F and G. I will however agree that it is a problem the zebra crossing. I think it should be an automated Pelican like crossing, eg operated with those cameras on top of the lights that a lot of the traffic lights in Livingston, with a green man the majority of the time, but when it detects a bus it changes and allows the bus through.

    I dont think the bus station would be able to cope with the volume of buses we have now, dont forget back then it was only about 4 companies (SMT/First, Lothian -only one service-, Bulldog -I think- and Horsburgh -The Murieston Service) Now we have 8 different companies, operating many services covering many areas. The one issue that needs to be covered is the number of buses using certain stops, Stance B can have 4 diff buses trying to use it at any one time, whereas you only see a few an hour at Stance C (Nordi, Davidson, Prentice Westwood, and Blue Bus).

    I also notice a sign in the centre pointing to bus information where the new lifts are, which I presume will be a replacement for the old First Information centre which was attached to McColls. Personally I feel covered bus stations are just not the way now, it doesnt work for me.

    I like the modern layout, they have addressed the issues I had with it on one side eg lack of seating, but they need to deal with it on the other side.
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  • Post » 15 Nov 2008, 03:10

    I remember the bus station. Shut when i was 12 i think. It was a manky, black, smelly place though :lol:
    But at least you could get a seat, where's the seats in the new bus station, lol.
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    Post » 15 Nov 2008, 18:06

    I can remember when it was new (when I was a wee boy)! I drove in and out of it a few times in a bus (when I was a big boy) before it was closed :cry:
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