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Area Signs

Have you got an old photos to upload and share with everyone? or anything else related to livingston...

Post » 22 Mar 2009, 02:48

Interesting, bet no other towns have themed streets lol.
I used to live in deans south (ohh big mad mental deans south aye) and they had the islands, like bute, jura etc..
i duno though, they weren't really the street names, well my address just had ' xx deans south' :?
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  • Post » 30 Mar 2009, 14:52

    Most Towns do..

    Grangemouth has streets for surnames and trees to think of one area. Have a look at various online maps and you'll get the idea.
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    Post » 09 Sep 2010, 10:05

    theres a few streets in the inch area of edinburgh with the same names as dedridge, talisman, ivanhoe, nigel, peveril, durward & ravenswood. theres also a almondbank, briarbank, hazelbank, hollybank & alderbank in the polworth area of edinburgh.
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  • Post » 04 Apr 2012, 10:37

    Not only Dedridge signs, but also Dedridge street names (OK, Rises) are all named after Sir Walter Scott's novels.

    Clement (The Pirate)
    Abbotsford (OK, not a novel but the name of his house)

    etc, etc
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