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Trim Track

Have you got an old photos to upload and share with everyone? or anything else related to livingston...

Paul ...

Post » 13 Mar 2011, 13:18

Came across these old photos of the Trim Track on the banks of the river almond:

"The trim track was well designed and layed out by the LDC in 1978. The course route hasn't changed much over the years but the old wooden stations have been replaced with more modern metal and plastic ones. The area on the south banks of the almond next to the skate park is a little piece of countryside in the middle of a busy town."

However like many things, the trim track has became overgrown with grass and weeds. Such a shame as I remember as a kid using it and was a good way for exercise.

Wonder whats going to happen to it? Will it be sold off for housing? Personally think it should be re designed smaller and have a sports facilities next to it. Also possibly some cafes and restuarants looking onto the almond. Little like what they have done with other towns and citys.
What do you think? Surely they can get some lottery funding for this.
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    Post » 18 Mar 2011, 16:56

    Great pics mate
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  • Post » 13 Apr 2011, 01:03

    That looks great fun, however doubt the council would entertain the likes of this these days, too much rick of being sued for a broken finger nail......
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