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What new shops we need?

Talk about anything to do with shopping within livingston. From new shops coming to Livingston or old shops that used to be here.

Paul ...

Post » 15 Jun 2008, 14:10

What new shops do you think livingston needs?
1. H&M
2. PC World
3. Republic
4. Primark
5. Burger King :D

Anyone agree? or wants any others...
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    Post » 15 Jun 2008, 14:18

    Defo need a burger king!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


    Post » 15 Jun 2008, 14:40

    Im sure the reason we dont have a Burger king is that Macdonalds has some sort of monoply on the area... Which isnt fair!!!

    Post » 20 Jun 2008, 11:56

    i recon we should get shot of McDonalds and get a massife burger king! i would deffo be the first customer! camp out if needed! why do we need 3 McD's next to each other anyway?
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    Post » 23 Jun 2008, 21:21

    We need a Peacocks!!!!!


    Post » 24 Jun 2008, 15:33

    A waterstones or any book store?


    Post » 24 Jun 2008, 17:46

    Yeh that wou,be good... I think we will get a waterstones.... wait and see :)

    Post » 26 Jul 2008, 17:09

    I think we need the following shops.
    What do you think?!?!?!?!?!?!??? :)
    Burger King
    Build-A-Bear Workshop
    Bay Trading
    Disney Store
    French Connection
    G-Star Raw
    Jane Norman
    Miss Selfridge
    Top Shop
    Tie Rack
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  • Post » 03 Aug 2008, 16:22

    I would love it if this were he case but sadly doubt they will get anything decent see the list of confirmed so far more phine shops like we need any of those and more food chains - joy!
    needed a decent department store though for years so glad Debenhams finally coming to Livi

    Peacocks Primark MK One all cheap affordable clothing and am sure they would go down very well
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  • Post » 15 Sep 2008, 00:16

    We are getting a Waterstones (opposite Debenhams)
    an H&M
    A Peacocks (In the Old Iceland, well it says on the wooden window covers)
    A TopShop/Topman
    A Tie Rack

    They are on the plan currently in the wooden tunnel.

    We wont be getting a Burger King for at least 8 years, the amount of time left on McDonalds contract. No loss in my opinion, overpriced for half the quality of McDonalds.

    I heard Primark applied for one of the department store places, but were turned down by land Securities due to not appealing to the image
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