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Old shops and old pictures of in the centre

Talk about anything to do with shopping within livingston. From new shops coming to Livingston or old shops that used to be here.

Post » 28 Apr 2009, 00:30

richardparis wrote:Also looking at the picture ... how lonely does Club Earth look sitting there all on her own :)

was it called zenz or something at the time :?:
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    Post » 28 Apr 2009, 08:43

    "Melville’s" then changed to "The Zen’s" and its now currently called "Club Earth".
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  • Post » 29 Apr 2009, 23:10

    richardparis wrote::) I remember that road as well as a kid.

    Always thought it was strange to have a long road running towards the centre that used to take a while to drive down. Passing car parks on either side that were always empty (apart from Christmas), and everyone trying to squeeeeze into the car parks at the front of the building.

    Looking at the picture I wonder what someone who left Livi in the 80's and hadnt been back would think of the place now.

    Yeah... so many roads were put in for plans that eventually changed.

    I know this will sound odd, but to me, the 'area' around the centre seems smaller and cramped now - although theres LOTS more stuff there, at the time, the centre seemed massive, and the empty land went on forever (or so it seemed) - now it's under buildings and car parks!

    Another point - it does rather divide the town (the layout of the centre). I wouldv'e mabe been nice to have a 'middle road' and pathways to get past/to it without having to make a diversion all the way around it, or at each end...
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    Post » 07 Aug 2010, 16:39

    ratz4ever wrote:- There was a wee card shop opposite Asda, which I'm sure was owned by the same guy that owned Rainbow.

    I notice this thread, too, has been affected by the technical problems of August 2010, and many replies after 2009 have been lost, including a reply I made. I'll reconstruct as much as I can remember of my original reply.

    The shop was Rainbow Records, and it was owned by John and Caroline Nolan, whom we knew well, and who were friends and neighbours in Whitburn. John was a sales rep for, if I remember rightly, Polydor Records, and gave up travelling to set up Rainbow Records in the Almondvale Centre. My wife was the record buyer there (these were the days when there were buyers with specialised knowledge, and not just chainstore central buying policies, like Woolworth's, where shops just took what they were given by headquarters), and she built up the record stock for the shop. John sold some cards too as a small sideline, and discovered that cards were far more profitable, as the mark-up on cards is astronomical, and the shop name was changed to Rainbow Records & Cards. As I remember, the records side was eventually ditched in favour of cards only, which had huge profit with relatively little need for knowledgeable staffing.
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    Post » 07 Aug 2010, 18:29

    Thanks Alex
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