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New Wilkinsons in centre, whats your views on store

Talk about anything to do with shopping within livingston. From new shops coming to Livingston or old shops that used to be here.

Post » 07 Sep 2010, 14:27

Was in store this morning, opening day, store very busy.

+ Staff helpful, good range of products, some good prices.

- Staff having to check every other note with pen before putting in till, lack of space for placing shopping baskets at tills (However fine for portable ones).

Overall view 8.5/10
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    Post » 27 Sep 2010, 18:14

    Well I decided to pop in there this afternoon for a peek and to see if they had anything I purposely went to the shops for (boot polish and rechargeable batteries). The shoe care range (if you could call it that) was poor and the Kiwi polish was 97p per tin, 2 for a pound in poundland lol! Next was the batteries, £5.99 was the cheapest I seen so I didn't bother and went elsewhere for my batteries and polish.

    I didn't pay too much attention to other stuff but being an Alfa Male I did notice that their hardware was overpriced and twice the price almost than Argos for light switches, twice the price for PVA glue/ adhesive than a builders merchants and also over priced on other various hardware stuff. Their computer accessories was poor and if you have an i phone or i pod then there was some gadgets for them.

    My rating as an Alfa Male who likes mans things and not beauty products is a poor 2 out of 10.

    Poor scoring on my behalf however 10/10 for staff helpfulness even if it was the security guard who kindly pointed me in the direction I needed to be in to find what I was looking for!

    I can't say that it will be a shop that I would go out of my way to visit and if walking by the next time I would probably keep walking...
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  • Daniel ...

    Post » 27 Sep 2010, 20:10

    the store layout reminds me of the old john menzies store
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